Dear colleagues!

We cordially invite you to participate in the 15th International Young Scientists' Conference “Biology: From a Molecule Up to the Biosphere” (FMUB-2021). Our conference includes almost all the existing biological sciences. When you are a student you face with so many opportunities and sometimes it is hard to find research direction that fits your intentions. Who knows, maybe our conference could help you to find your dream theme and dream team to realize your scientific aspirations? ;)
Our conference is:
  • a "launch pad" for students and young scientists who eager to learn how their research results can be present in proper way;
  • 3 days of non-stop events: lectures, workshops, talks, posters, round tables and obviously rich in networking!
  • an opportunity to meet colleagues, exchange experience and even cooperate for resolving new scientific problems!
  • just nice and warm company :)

The following sections will be presented:
bioinformatics • biophysics • biochemistry • molecular and cell biology • biomedicine
human and animal physiology • biotechnology • botany • genetics and selection • ecology
zoology • mycology and phytopathology • immunology • microbiology • virology
plant physiology and biochemistry

More information about FMUB-2021 you can find here